Thanks for stopping by my Yoli blog today. You are here for a reason, you’re looking for a way to make some money on the side, or to maybe eventually replace the income you are currently making.
Some of you may be here because you’re looking at what all the buzz is about Yoli….you’re in network marketing, but you aren’t really happy where you are, so you’re sniffin’ around to see what’s up.
Whatever reason you find yourself here, I’m happy you are. You have been blessed to find something that is so much in its infancy that most network marketers have yet to hear about it, let alone the general public.
Yoli products are totally vindicated by science and thousands of happy customers, and they address several issues that affect nearly every household in America.
Heartburn, and obesity.
Are there two larger markets to be in? Almost every household has someone who suffers from one of these conditions, in many cases BOTH!
And the best part is, you can let these households try them our products for free. It’s crazy….I know.
But picture this…rather then telling people you know about a juice that is made from a berry found in the deep reaches of China’s exclusive Panda region, that has never been found before and is just now being recognized for what the Chinese have known for thousands of years…..blah blah blah…and it ONLY costs $65 per bottle, PLUS you get 4 bottles per case! WHAAAA? Most people are gone at this moment! If you are making a bajillion dollars selling one of these Chinese  Panda berry juices, congrats are in order, you’re one hell of a salesman.
Now see the difference: ”Hey Joe…check this out…it’s a sugar-free sports drink that athletes like Carl Lewis and Brian Clay are using… Do you wanna try it for free?” No matter what you use for the first part of this sentence, most of the time when you finish it in this manner the answer is the same. :)  Sure, how do I get it?
So, this is just a little something I wanted to put out there. Most of you that are coming through here I’ll never talk to, but someone is going to get struck by the simplicity of it all and we’ll get something going for you when you get here. I’ll be looking for ya!

If you want a better live let’s try this product base on natural body PH using alkalete.

 Alkalete is the most recognized and top performing, patented, pH supplement on the market today. Alkalete helps you shed fat & acidic waste, energize your body, and fight the ravages of aging.Scientifically proven to increase your body pH, Alkalete will take your body and health to places you never dreamed possible.

Although Alkalete is not a drug and was not designed to treat or cure any diseases, if consumed regularly, it will reduce accumulated acid wastes and assist in buffering acid waste build-up in the body, producing a natural improvement in heath, greater energy and vitality, weight loss, pain reduction and more.
The simple fact of the matter is that very few people are willing to change their dietary habits to improve their health. In addition to poor dietary habits, our body's ability to process acid steadily decreases as we age and as we experience more stress.
Additionally, when pursuing a healthy weight loss or even weight gain regimen, that incorporates increased protein consumption, it is especially important to alkalize your body on a daily basis.
Alkalete is the ultimate solution to fight the battle your body wages every single second of every day against this acidic, toxic environment we create. Alkalete is the only product of its kind to show a 50%+ average reduction in body acidity in less than one week, as demonstrated in the chart below.
·         Aids in the removal of acidic waste
·         Reduces overall body symptoms caused by inflammation
·         Supports healthy body pH levels
·         Improves endurance and reduces muscle soreness
associated with active and sports-driven lifestyles.
·         Reduces muscle cramping during and after exercise
·         Increases muscle strength & performance.
·         Scientifically proven to help the body deal with
acid indigestion
·         Reduces various digestive issues caused by acid waste and acid foods
·         Helps the body immune system to function at optimal levels
·         Reduces overall body symptoms caused by alcohol use
·         Can be used and is safe for everyone. GRAS by FDA
·         Gut cleansing and improves upper digestive tract functioning
·         Increases absorption of key nutrients by up to 25%

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